Supporting Windows Vista Computers with Desktop Images and Application Packages

Course Details:

  • Days: 2
  • Course Code: MS5119
  • Bookings: Please ring 08450 50 45 05


Note: You are viewing a Preliminary Course Syllabus. This course is not yet available. Because some parts of the course are currently in development, some elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

This two-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to use a Windows Vista operating system image and application package deployment infrastructure to minimize the downtime at the Windows Vista client. The desktop support technicians can use this infrastructure to improve the support experience in the following scenarios: New installations, Single computer migrations and Single computer reinstallations. The course also provides guidance on how to install application packages on Windows Vista computers for support scenarios that require application updates or reinstalls.

The audience of this course is experienced enterprise level IT Professionals who focus on a broad range of desktop operating system, desktop application, mobile device, networking, and hardware support issues. As working professionals, students must combine technical expertise with problem solving and decision making skills and a deep understanding of their business and technical environments to quickly resolve support issues. They consider all variables, justify resolutions with a logical troubleshooting approach, and relate tradeoffs to business and technical requirements and constraints.

Students will have used Windows XP-SP2 and may have experience with Windows server operating systems. Their job requires them to stay knowledgeable and skilled on new versions and updates of technology as defined by the business environment.


Before attending this course, students must: Be familiar with PC hardware and devices. For example, ability to look into device manager and look for unsupported devices. Have basic Windows and Active Directory knowledge. For example, domain user accounts, domain vs. local user accounts, user profiles, and group membership. Be able to map network file shares. For example, familiar with UNC paths, mapping local resources to server/share. Have experience installing applications from media (CD/DVD). Have experience working from a command window. For example, authoring and editing batch files. Be able to burn or creating boot media. For example, ISO. Have experience configuring BIOS options. For example, boot order and be familiar with reviewing support logs. Know that there is a chronology, sequential order, severity, etc..

In addition, it is recommended, but not required, that students have completed: 5115A: Installing and Configuring the Windows Vista Operating System, 5116A: Configuring Windows Vista Applications and Tools, 5117A: Configuring Windows Vista Mobile Computing.

Important: This learning product will be most useful to people who intend to use their new skills and knowledge on the job immediately after training.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Describe how the Windows Vista deployment options can be used to improve the support experience at the desktop.
  • Identify the most appropriate method to support Windows Vista recovery on site.
  • Identify the components of the Windows Vista user state and safely backup and restore that data.
  • Utilize Windows Vista application packages to improve the process of application installation a
  • and maintenance at the Windows Vista client computer.
  • Explain how to troubleshoot Windows Vista application package installations

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Preparing to Apply Desktop Images
  • Module 2: Supporting Computers with Desktop Images
  • Module 3: Restoring and Validating User State
  • Module 4: Preparing to Install an Application Package
  • Module 5: Creating and Deploying an Application Installation Package
  • Module 6: Troubleshooting Application Installations





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