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  • Days: Half day
  • Course Code: MS5062
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This half-day clinic and Hands On Lab introduces students to Microsoft Windows Vista including an introduction to the features for security, reliability, performance, manageability, and productivity. This clinic is intended for any business end-user regardless of primary job role, to include Information Workers, IT Professionals, Developers, Business Decision Makers and any others.


Before attending this clinic, students must have basic Microsoft Windows user skills. Experience on prior versions of Windows is helpful, but not required.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Describe the new features in the Windows Vista User Interface.
  • Use the new Windows Vista features for managing files.
  • Describe the new accessibility features.
  • Describe the new Windows Vista features for collaboration.
  • Describe the new Microsoft Internet Explorer features.
  • Describe the new Windows Vista features for mobile clients.
  • Describe the Windows Vista security enhancements.

Course Outline

Session 1: Exploring Windows Vista Features

This session describes the Windows Vista features that you will use frequently. These features include customizing the Windows Vista desktop, using the new Windows Explorer features, using Search, and configuring the Accessibility settings..

Session 2: Doing More With Windows Vista

This session describes the new features in Windows Vista that will make it easier for users to interact with other people on the network or on the Internet. These new features include using Windows Meeting Space, using Windows Mail and Windows Calendar, and the new features in Internet Explorer 7. This session also describes some of the new security features in Windows Vista.

Hands on Lab 2: Using Windows Vista

This hands-on lab gives students the opportunity to explore the new Windows Vista features. Students will explore the new user interface options, new ways to personalize the user desktop, new features for organizing and finding files, new collaboration tools, the Internet Explorer 7 features, and the accessibility and mobility enhancements. As well, they will review the security enhancements in Windows Vista.


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