First Look: Windows Vista for IT Professionals Clinic and Hands on Labs

Course Details:

  • Days: 1
  • Course Code: MS50565057
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This one-day clinic introduces students to Microsoft Windows Vista, including an introduction to security, reliability, performance, manageability, and productivity features.

This clinic is primarily intended for any IT Professionals who perform desktop support. However, technical decision makers and business decision makers might also find this course useful as an overview of new features.

This course includes hands on labs from course 5057


Before attending this clinic, students must have at least 1 year of experience with Windows client and server operating systems in a corporate environment.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Describe potential security risks.
  • Understand the malware protection features in Windows Vista.
  • Understand the network protection features in Windows Vista.
  • Describe the security enhancements in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.
  • Understand the data protection features in Windows Vista.
  • Describe how Windows Vista enhances user productivity.
  • Describe the Windows Vista user interface (UI) enhancements.
  • Understand the Microsoft Windows features for mobile devices.
  • Manage the Windows Vista boot process.
  • Configure power management.
  • Describe the benefits of enhanced monitoring and management.
  • Describe Windows Vista system monitoring features.
  • Monitor and control applications.
  • Describe Group Policy enhancements in Windows Vista.
  • Understand the remote management features in Windows Vista.
  • Automate management tasks.

Course Outline

Session 1: Security Enhancements

This session provides an overview of security features in Windows Vista. Many of the changes in Windows Vista have been made to prevent user-initiated security problems and unknown future attacks. The focus of this session is new security features.

Session 2: User Productivity Enhancements in Windows Vista

Windows Vista provides a number of new features that make Windows easier to use and that increase productivity. The session provides an overview of the new features in Windows Vista that are seen and configured by users. IT Professionals must be aware of these features to help and to educate their users.

Session 3: Monitoring and Managing Windows Vista

For most organizations, the cost of software management is far greater than software acquisition. Windows Vista includes new monitoring and management features to reduce the total cost of ownership for computers. This session provides an overview of the monitoring and management features of Windows Vista.

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