Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

MCP or Microsoft Certified Professional qualifications show you have a skill set that is recognised for the area which you have taken and passed the exam in. There are many MCP’s to choose from and by taking combinations of different MCP’s you can work your way to higher level certifications like the MCSA and MCSE.

We have over 40 different MCP’s to choose from, our interactive courses benefit from 24/7 mentor support, so you have someone that can answer all your questions, and we also include an exam pass guarantee. There is no need to buy expensive equipment or software, or course includes interactive simulations that replicate, in a safe environment, everything you need.

Our latest online course includes;

Exam Pass Guarantee – we guarantee that after completing our course you will pass the exam, if you don’t we will refund your exam fee!

Start For £1 – you can get started today and try the course with no obligation, for only £1!

Job Guarantee – If you are looking to certify to get on the right track for employment you will find our Career Packages ideal. They include all our normal guarantees and Job Guarantee, which means that if you don’t find work after completing your certifications we will refund your training fees. Once you have completed our Carer Package you will be qualified to earn £17-24k per year.

For more information on our guarantees and the £1 trial click here

Regardless of your current knowledge we have a range of courses for beginners and professionals, please feel free to ask our experienced advisors for career and course advice. If you are looking to start your career in IT, please see our Career Package.

For professionals we have a Fast Track feature that will allow you to study the areas that your current knowledge is lacking and again we guarantee your exam pass. By getting qualified you are showing employers you have skills and certification and will carry a higher value in the workplace.

How do the online interactive courses work?

We send you a user name and password and you will get a unlimited access for 12 months to the courseware. Once you have your login details you are free to access the course from any PC with an internet connection, there are no downloads or software to slow your PC down.Our certification courses will give you everything you need to pass the regulated exams, and even prepare you with exam questions and real world simulations. Plus if you do get stuck you can ask unlimited questions through our 24/7 instant mentor support.

  • 12 Months Unlimited Access
  • Free upgrades
  • 24 Hours Tutor support
  • Interactive Simulations
  • Reference and Search
  • Exam Preparation and Skill Assessments

For more details or if you are not sure where to start your career click here.

24 hour(s)
16 hour(s)
12 hour(s)
16 hour(s)
29 hour(s)
33 hour(s)
40 hour(s)
11 hour(s)
46 hour(s)
13 hour(s)
21 hour(s)
19 hour(s)
15 hour(s)
48 hour(s)
53 hour(s)
10 hour(s)
14 hour(s)
30 hour(s)
35 hour(s)
22 hour(s)
26 hour(s)
44 hour(s)
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37 hour(s)
54 hour(s)
54 hour(s)
51 hour(s)
22 hour(s)
33 hour(s)
13 hour(s)
31 hour(s)
17 hour(s)

Other Courese available;

18 hour(s)
32 hour(s)
13 hour(s)
28 hour(s)
28 hour(s)
8 hour(s)
6 hour(s)
40 hour(s)
39 hour(s)
31 hour(s)
60 hour(s)
17 hour(s)

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