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There are lots of people that would like to be partof one of the largest and most versatile industries in the UK. The IT sector has been steadily growing for the last 5 years and shows signs of stability for the long term. Those in the industry have long term career prospects, comfortable salary and enjoy the variety and freedom that their role permits. As technology becomes a bigger part of our lives (particularly in the way we work) more and more are finding out the benefits the industry has to offer. The trouble is they often lack the skills or experience that employers are looking for. We all know that experience is vital, and we have all heard or used the line ‘I can’t get a job because I have no experience, I can’t get experience without a job’. Chicken and egg, right? Afraid not! The bottom line is your CV hasn’t persuaded a prospective employer that you are the man (or woman) for the job. Now we need to understand why.

Imagine you are an IT manager, you have 10 staff to oversee, and you have 2 projects that are keeping you behind to 6pm every night. One of you staff leaves and you need to hire a new administrator. There is already a lot of experience on the team so the position you’ll advertise for is a junior role. By the end of the week you have over 50 CV’s. Bearing in mind your workload you have time to see 5 applicants, that’s only 10% of people that applied for the job. Do you interview those that have no certification and no experience, or those that have? The reason you didn’t get the interview is because you are not in the top 10-20% of applicants.

We help you take 3 steps to employment;

Step 1. Training – our experienced advisors will discuss the different careers available and dentify which courses would be best suited to your career goals. All of our training is conducted in the classroom with fully qualified trainers and the latest equipment. Here you will learn your new skills which leads us nicely onto;

Step 2. Work Experience – Once you have the core skills for your chosen career we will place you in a work experience roll. This gives you job specific experience and will get you in front of a prospective employer for 8 weeks. Many of our work experience placements go on to full time employment, but even if you didn’t;

Step 3. Job Placement – On completing the course we will begin to organise interviews for you. We have lots of opportunities for our candidates and everyone that completes the course will find employment. By no means are our opportunities ‘gifts’ you will have to put in the effort for your new career and for those that do the rewards are great. We do offer a money back job guarantee so if we can’t deliver what we promise we will refund the cost of your training.
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The reason we can guarantee you a job in the industry is because with the skills, certification and relevant work experience you have everything a prospective employer requires. For every position in IT there is on average 50 applicants, which is possibly why you will not even hear back from a lot of the position you apply for. We ensure you are no longer at the bottom of the list with no certification or work experience; you are now at the top, being called in for an
interview. We combine skills, certification and work experience to give you the best opportunity to get into the industry. We have been training and placing people in and around London for over 10 years. Our clients have been placed at some of the top city companies like Barclays, City Group, UBS, HSBC and Credit Suisse. In fact, at the moment we have more job placements available than students to fill them

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